International Guest Judge #3: Mark Brown

Tencent GWB ·April 22, 2020

We at Tencent GWB are delighted to be able to reveal our third guest judge this week. This man has become by far one of the most popular and respected game design critics on Youtube, with a style and influence that cannot be understated. It is, of course, none other than Mark Brown.

Mark Brown is the creator of Game Maker's Toolkit: a highly regarded YouTube series about game design, with over 70 million views. Mark is also a professional design consultant, gives guest lectures around the world, has run three successful game jams, and has contributed to publications like EDGE Magazine, Wired, and Polygon.

Two days ago we announced our first guest judge, Kate Edwards, and yesterday we have added Roger Chandler into the mix. If you would like these great judges to see your game, on top of the possibility of recieveing free global promotion, hardware and more, then sign up to take part in the Tencent GWB Awards. Submissions are still open and we will have more news very soon.