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Who are we?


We are a group set up by the Tencent Institute of Games that supports small and medium-sized game development teams. The game industry is incredibly competitive and gaining access to new markets can seem like an insurmountable challenge for a lot of teams, especially indies. How do you make sure a game is tailored to local players? What types of games are most likely to succeed? How do you get social media exposure in a region that uses a completely different language? We've thought about these questions and are in the best position to help.

Submit your game for evaluation and, if successful, we can offer some or all of the services listed below. The Tencent GWB Support Plan includes :


    Our Experts Group is on hand to provide consultation and feedback to developers who submit their games for evaluation. They can provide help and advice which covers a range of areas including, but not limited to, design feedback and market optimization. We are absolutely not going to take control of your game and, conversely, we're also not going to plan or design your game for you. We expect teams that come to us to be self-motivated and creative. We might just be able to help you identify that small change that can turn good into great.


    Tencent GWB works closely with the Tencent Gameplay Innovation Fund (TGIF). Maybe you're an established team with a strong track record and a great idea that is looking for investment to help you take the next step. Or, perhaps, you're developing a game that could give birth to a new genre and you need funds to see it to completion. If that's the case, TGIF support may be what you need.


    Each game is evaluated and play-tested by Tencent's technical team. Our experts have experience working across genres and engines, which means they can help improve game stability and improve overall performance. Making sure your game runs well is essential, not just because of the needs of players, but because games that perform well may be eligible for support from one or more of our partners.


    If you wish for your game to be published, it's possible that Tencent may opt to publish your game through one of its platforms – WeGame, WeChat or QQ. Additionally, it's possible that your game could be published through the help of one of our domestic partners.


    We have a variety of methods to promote your game and help you reach the audience you deserve. Besides running promotional activities in the Chinese mainland and internationally we can also raise your profile on our Chinese social media feeds and by working with our partners around the world. In addition, any unreleased game can participate in the GWB Game Awards, including games going through the GWB Support Plan. Award wins are great publicity, and few have the platform that Tencent GWB can offer.


    We can't do what we do all by ourselves – sometimes one of our partners is better located to give developers the best possible assistance. We've connected with some of the most experiences companies in the world in order to offer truly global support.

Publishing Platforms

  • WeGame

    WeGame has become the number 1 PC game publishing platform in China with hundreds of millions of users. Beyond just purchasing and playing games on the platform, WeGame users can watch and share live-streams of games, as well as take advantage of the community features to connect with players and developers. In addition, WeGame offers robust backend options for developers giving them the best chance of finding success on PC in China.

  • WeChat

    One of the world's most popular apps, WeChat is a multipurpose app that covers messaging, electronic payments, social media and more. WeChat is also now a great way for smartphone users to access and play games and, with more than a billion monthly active users, it's an incredible platform for game developers and publishers. In addition, integration with the app allows games to have access to features such as leaderboards, friend lists and livestreams. Games served through the WeChat platform vary in size and scope, with many being quick, simple and requiring no installation. This makes WeChat one of the most convenient smartphones apps for game distribution in the world.

  • QQ

    QQ Mobile is one of the most iconic mobile apps in China with almost a billion active users worldwide. QQ offers a wide range of services, including instant messaging, music, movies and online social games. It is one of the most well-known and widely used apps of its type in China.

What are we looking for ?

PC, Mobile, WeChat Mini Games (H5)

We want to see
your innovation!

What do we mean by innovation? At GWB we're interested in the new and the different. We want to find games that have groundbreaking playstyles in both the single player and multi-player field. Does your game have a unique take on PvE? We want to see it. Does it play with perspective and surprise us? We're interested. We want to find games that inspire players and bring them joy.

We want to travel worlds that blow us away. We want games that can help players forge relationships, digital or real, that last a lifetime.

Our Expertise

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We have a group of experts ready to help your game as good as it can be and raise the chance of success in the Chinese market

Tencent has put together a group of more than 200 UI designers, producers, artists, managers, server specialists and musicians. When we believe a game has potential, we can allocate experts to give advice and consultation. They won't make your game for you, and they won't take over creative control. Instead, they are there to impart the knowledge they have gained from many years of experience in the Chinese game industry. Whatever problem your game faces, there is someone in the group that knows how to deal with it.

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Having a group of experts this large means there is no problem that gets overlooked

Our in-house Experts Group have worked on some of the biggest and most popular games in China, with their games reaching hundreds of millions of players. For the past couple of years, they have helped domestic Chinese teams to improve their games, and now they are offering the same services internationally.

GWB Game Awards

GWB Game Awards

There are a lot of awards shows in the gaming industry, but few can have the influence in the Chinese market that Tencent GWB can bring. With the promotional opportunities and exposure that arise from awards participation, developers can raise their status both internationally and in Mainland China. On top of this, we want to help connect teams to industry-leading companies so that the best and most creative teams have a better chance to succeed in an incredibly competitive field.

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Still have questions?

We have an FAQ that covers certain topics in more detail.


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