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At Tencent GWB we want to give everyone a look inside and show how we help both international and domestic developers. In addition to the latest news about participating games and events, we will be producing and posting content such as dev blogs, analysis of our Chinese social media efforts and articles about our international partnerships. Check the News and Features section to see what is there right now.

Tencent GWB has a plan to support developers of innovative games

Making games is hard. Getting support for you game in China? That can be even harder. Tencent GWB has a plan to help developers around the world, whether you're a one-person outfit or a studio formed of ex-AAA staff, get access to the resources and channels they need to succeed.

Tencent is the platform holder of some of the biggest distribution and social platforms in the world. Access to that is a big deal. Click through to our About page to learn more.

So, who are we?

We are a team in the Tencent Games Group and the Tencent Institute for Games which is dedicated to supporting game devs around the world, especially small and medium-sized indies.

We run the Tencent GWB Support Plan and can draw on a pool of more than 200 developers who were hand-picked to provide feedback and advice to developers, in order to give their games the best chance of success in Chinese-language markets. Beyond that, it's possible participating developers can receive financial and publishing support via the Tencent Gameplay Innovation Fund and Tencent distribution channels.

Some games we have have helped and promoted

We want to give you the spotlight at the GWB Game Awards

Every year we run an awards competition to highlight games we think show real potential and innovation. This is our main promotional event and it's growing each year with an ever-expanding number of teams and partnerships. Through this competition we can come into contact with teams of all sizes, from any continent, boost their profile and offer them support from our industry partners.

As long as your game is unreleased as of the submission period, or only recently released, it should be eligible to take part in the competition. Taking part in the Awards is a great way of raising your profile in China and winning an award is even better for global promotion. Click below to learn more.

If you're ready to submit your game to the Support Plan or Game Awards (or both!)...

Click the button below to access the Personal Center. From there you can submit your game and monitor its status in the Support Plan and GWB Game Awards. You'll also be able to submit requests for feedback to our experts group to let them know where you feel you need help.

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