The GWB Game Awards 2023

Tencent GWB ·March 6th, 2023

Today we here at Tencent GWB are happy to announce that we are launching the 2023 edition of our annual GWB Game Awards.

Over the past few years we have seen the GWB Game awards grow in terms of both impact and participation, and we aim to continue that this year.To make this happen, we have to continue providing value to participating teams, and so we have put together what we believe is our best prize pool yet. However, these prizes don't just mean more teams win, but more types of teams win. 

The GWB Awards 2023 is offering 18 separate cash prizes to participating teams. In addition to the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards offered every year, the categories have been diversified in order to better offer opportunities to participating developers. This includes prizes aimed at students and game jam developers, 4 cash prizes specifically for small teams, and a special prize for gameplay innovation.

We are also delighted to announce that their primary partner for 2023 is Fulqrum Publishing. Fulqrum Publishing are proud to be a part of the GWB Game Awards and have offered a special prize to reward small teams (1-3 members) working on ambitious projects.

The full lineup of prizes available is:

  • Gold Award for Best Game ($5000 x 1 winner)
  • Silver ($2000 x 2)
  • Bronze ($2000 x 3)
  • Positive Legacy Award ($2000 x 1)
  • The Feel the World Award ($2000 x 1)
  • The Player Connection Award ($2000 x 1)
  • The Play for All Award ($2000 x 1)
  • The Gameplay Innovation Award ($2000 x 1)
  • The Tastiest Jam Award ($2000 x 1)
  • The Better than Reality Award ($2000 x 1)
  • The Mobile Joy Award ($2000 x 1)

Fulqrum Publishing Awards for Small Teams with Big Dreams:

  • Gold ($4500 x 1)
  • Silver ($2500 x 1)
  • Bronze ($1500 x 2)

Beyond cash prizes, Tencent GWB also offers participating teams opportunities to take part in GWB Awards-related activities, such as the TGDC Indie Forum and GWB-run Steam events. All participating teams are eligible for inclusion in these events. Participating developers can also receive assistance reaching a global audience thanks to the strength of Tencent GWB’s China social media channels and industry partners.

In order to take part in the awards, developers and publishers should go to the awards page and submit information about their game, as well as a playable build. The submission period will be open from March 6th until June 30th and the entire participation process takes place online, with no attendance necessary.

For the latest news about the GWB Game Awards, as well as other GWB events and activities, teams should also make sure to follow the Tencent GWB Twitter (@TencentGWB).