1. The GWB Game Awards is open to all indie game development teams worldwide - there is no restriction on the personal or corporate identity of the competitors. Participation is 100% free and GWB will never ask for money in exchange for registration, a trophy or prize distribution.
  2. To participate in the competition, participants or companies shall ensure that they have the right of use or copyright of the submitted projects and relevant authorization, and shall not involve the Organizing Committee in any copyright disputes or other intellectual property disputes.
  3. Projects with incomplete materials (no pictures, no video, no introduction, no demo) or inconsistent contents will not be reviewed. For the purpose of evaluation, the game should be in a playable state so that it can be provided to the jury for review.
  4. Participants agree that their projects will be submitted to the judging panel for review. In order to complete certain prize categories, this judging panel may include event partners.
  5. For the materials provided by the entrant, the organizer has the right to use it for publicity (including social media content), website display, etc. during and after the course of the event. Game builds will not be distributed by GWB for any purpose other than category judging by partners.
  6. Projects need to be free of commercialization (no in-app purchases, no built-in advertising or other functions that can generate commercial benefits).
  7. Entries can include console games, PC games, and mobile games (including H5).
  8. Regarding prizes, relevant taxes may be deducted from cash prizes given for participation in GWB activities. GWB will not publicly demo a participating game (demo booth prize) without express consent of the entrant. If an entrant agrees to be the recipient of the Free Localization prize, GWB requires that the game feature a logo (e.g. Prize localization provided by GWB) on startup.
  9. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify entries that are in clear violation of the competition rules.
  10. Games submitted after the submission period closes will be regarded as invalid.


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We will not be pinging @everyone relentlessly, we swear.