Announcing the Tencent GWB PvP Pitch Event

Tencent GWB ·MAY 12, 2020

Today we are happy to announce the Tencent GWB PvP Pitch Event.

The Tencent GWB PvP Pitch Event is an activity designed to find and assist teams with truly exceptional takes on PvP. The idea is simple - if you have an early demo or build, or if you are only at the stage of having a basic design document, pitch it to us and our Evaluation Committee will pick a title (or, titles) to support.


How does it work and how do I take part?

From May 13th until June 13th, submissions will be open to pitch your game. If you don't have a build ready, don't worry - you can submit your plan for the game. Once submissions close, the builds and pitch documents will go through a 2-step review process. Finally, successful teams will be contacted for discussions. It's that simple. To take part, go here and select to submit a build or a plan - if you haven't already registered, it will take you to the registration page where you can sign up. Again, it's that simple. Apply online, no travel or money needed.


What do we get?

Successful teams will be eligible for several things.

First, start-up funding. If your idea passes review and shows great creative potential, you are eligible to receive investment.

Second, delivery support. What does this mean? It means, we have already prepared the resources to help you bring your game to completion. For example, we have an experienced work-for-hire team ready to help you with the development of your game, so that it can be the best quality possible.

Third, publishing support. Tencent Games can help provide global distribution opportunities to teams, including the possibility of getting published in the Chinese market. Tencent operates the leading game development, publishing and operations platform in the world, which makes us, by far, the best partners to help you with the distribution of your game.

Finally, other forms of support. Thought development of your game, there may be other ways we can help. We have a group of more than 200+ game industry professionals on hand who can offer advice and assistance on everything from combat balancing, to UI design, to optimization.  Beyond this, a successful project could also lead to further work and partnership opportunities with Tencent Games, putting your team in an incredible position for the future.


What makes this special?

The resources, insights and opportunities that we can offer are second to none in the industry. Furthermore, as part of the Tencent Institute of Games, it is our job at Tencent GWB to support and promote the most creative ideas out there.

Our Evaluation Team is also second-to-none. Take Steven Liang as just one example; as Director on PUBG Mobile, he leads a game which has 30 million Daily Active Users. The members of our evaluation team are responsible for running and supporting games which regularly have tens, if not hundreds, of millions of users. The members of our evaluation team understand what makes a successful PvP game, and know how to identify a game that will resonate with the player base.

Tencent's position not just as a developer, publisher and investor, but also as a platform holder, makes it uniquely capable of helping your game succeed. Tencent's platforms are some of the most popular and widely-used in China. The WeChat platform, for example is the primary social app in China with more than one billion monthly active users.


What do you mean by PvP?

Often when people think of PvP, they think of competitive shooters such as PUBG. But, we want to cast a wider net than that. Think of games that added a PvP spin to an unexpected genre, like Tetris 99. Or, games that pit players against each other in a quest for survival, such as Rust. If you have a PvP FPS that has some unique mechanics then that's great, but don't feel limited to that type of game if you want to head in a different direction.


How is it different from the GWB Awards? Will this influence the GWB Awards?

The Tencent GWB Awards are designed to highlight games that are nearing completion or have  already been released. Simply put, if your game is more than 60% complete, you should take part in the awards. If your game has been released, you should take part in the awards. If your game is in early development and has a strong PvP element? You should take part in the Tencent GWB PvP Event. These are 2 events that are running simultaneously, each with a different focus and objective.


Is there anything else I need to know?

We strongly suggest you follow our Twitter channel (@TencentGWB) for news updates, if you are unlikely to check our main website regularly.

Also, if you are uncertain or have any questions feel free to send an email to us. (gwbcontact [at] tencent dot com).

Finally, we're reliant on participants and partners to help us raise awareness of this event. If you know a team that might be suited to this activity, please let them know and help us spread the word.