Metaverse, VR and MMOPRGs 共同点和区别

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Comparison of VR(virtual reality) and Metaverse (for gaming)


Common grounds

    It is a digital world that imitates reality, and a virtual experience takes place in a virtual space by the users.


  • Experiences that can’t be attempted in real life can be experienced in the virtual world.
  • With haptic technology, eye tracking technology, and HMD, the virtual world experience is transformed into and is experienced as colourful and beautiful graphics.  



Metaverse allows a user to enjoy the virtual world online without the need for a technical device. Metaverse will not be limited to VR technology, whereas VR does posses limitations. 


Virtual reality is based on the general idea of replaying all the senses with an artificial world where users can experience everything the designer wants. The peripheral vision on the VR devices is very limited, and has not yet provide users the possibility to perceive surroundings, users can only see what's directly in front of them. When users are using computers, they can see what's happening on the screen as well as the surroundings. 


Extend to a wider range, social media and other platforms (besides gaming) empower users to interact with friends and strangers across platforms, this is something that VR cannot yet replicate. Socialization does not rely on VR.


It’s the technology, rather than the VR device as a product, that revolutionizing the way people communicate. So far, such revolutionization has been enabled by social media platforms. Thus, claiming that the VR product will revolutionize social media is a false argument.


  • Metaverse is evolving so that users can enjoy the same event on the same server/space rather than the synchronized version of the same event. 
  • Enabling experience without a virtual reality device. 
  • Unlike virtual reality, which incorporates passively implemented content, Metaverse encourages active participation of users through autonomy-guaranteed mutual exchanges.


Comparison of MMORPGs and Metaverse (for gaming)


Common grounds

Continuity of the virtual world is guaranteed regardless of the avatar representing a user, interaction with other users, and access to a specific user.


  • Presence of an avatar or digital agent.
  • Able to interact with other users in the same space, not just with computer users.
  • Remains continuous regardless of whether the user is connected or not.



In Metaverse, financial gains can be generated through user-generated intellectual property rights based on a high degree of freedom.


  • High degree of freedom, such as Roblox and Minecraft, which is classified as sandbox game. 
  • As a prosumer (producer + consumer), users can freely create games or creations, not subject to the developer. 
  • Enable users to claim and trade the ownership of the intellectual property created through the non-fungible tokens, and if there is an exchange, goods in the virtual world can be converted into (exchanged for) real-world goods.
  • 允许他人重新传播作品,但他人重新传播时必须在所使用作品的正文开头的显著位置,注明用户的姓名、来源及其采用的知识共享协议,并与该作品在磨坊上的原发地址建立链接
  • 不可对作品做出任何形式的修改
  • 不可将作品进行商业性使用